This site was made possible thanks to a wide number of sources – first and foremost, the inspiration for this site, the Unofficial Football World Championships, which sparked this idea in the first place. Kudos to Paul Brown and his team for putting together such a brilliant concept, and a great site to boot!

As for the results themselves, a huge credit to the following sites for their vast information and resources – this site wouldn’t be possible without them!
International Ice Hockey Federation
– Hockey Archives (en Français)
– CCCP Hockey International
Hockey Reference
Elite Hockey Prospects
Euro Hockey
International Hockey Forums
The Hockey House
Greatest Hockey Legends
Hockey Gods
Quant Hockey
1972 Summit Series
– various federation sites, including Hockey Canada, USA Hockey, and Svenska Ishockeyförbundet

I know there are other lists out there that track an unofficial lineage of the international hockey title – however, I only learned of the existence of other lists six weeks into pulling together the research and developing the website, obviously to a stunned reaction – however, after much thought on whether to take down this site, I realized that while other lists do a good job at capturing the history of the IHLC, lineages tend to be quite different (starting from the first international tournament in 1909, not the first game ever in 1905, and many other games/tournaments are missing).

Additionally, I pride myself on not only providing detail the title defences (and in some cases, the stories behind the title defences) but some other unique features (both Women’s and Junior IHLC histories, Contenders, Major Tournaments), as well as fresh news content, that I like to think gives the history a nice little added boost, and makes the site experience a bit more complete. I hope you agree!

If sharing this site or reproducing IHLC results or stats, please attribute your source to this site ( – thanks!