How It Works

Any international hockey game between two international senior or junior (under-20 specifically) men’s or women’s teams, whether at a sanctioned IIHF tournament (i.e. World Championship, Olympic Games), nationally-organized tournament (i.e. Channel One Cup, Four Nations Cup) or exhibition game between the defending champion (the latest team to have won the IHLC title) and the challenger, counts as a title game. If the defending champion wins (including overtime or shootout wins) or ties the game, they retain the title. But, if the challenger wins, they become the new IHLC champion, and the defending champion’s current reign ends. No matter the game, whether a lowly exhibition tilt or the Gold Medal final, the title is on the line so long as the champion is playing!

All champions are ranked by the total number of wins (including overtime and shootouts, NOT ties) while holding the IHLC title, to compare the overall results of all champions’ success throughout history. In the event teams are tied in the rankings by total games won, order will be calculated by the highest win percentage, calculated by total wins in the least number of games.