IHLC Results – Canada 3-2 Sweden – Feb. 22, 1952

canada1921to57-11 Canada 3-2 Sweden sweden-11
Olympic Final Round
Jordal Amfi, Oslo norway-11
Friday, February 22, 1952

1st Period
01:36 – sweden-11 GOAL – Pettersson
09:31 – sweden-11 GOAL – Öberg
12:22 – sweden-11 PEN – Johansson
13:57 – canada1921to57-11 PP GOAL – Secco (Abel)
15:46 – canada1921to57-11 PEN – Gauf

2nd Period
38:07 – canada1921to57-11 GOAL – Abel

3rd Period
59:40 – canada1921to57-11 GOAL – Dawe (Gibson)

W: canada1921to57-11 Hansch (9-11)
L: sweden-11 Flodqvist (36-39)

canada1921to57-11 13+15+11 = 39
sweden-11 6+2+3 = 11

canada1921to57-11 Goaltenders: Ralph Hansch. Defence: John Davies, Donald Gauf, Thomas Pollock, Allan Purvis. Forwards: George Abel, Billie Dawe, Robert Dickson, William Gibson, David Miller, Gordon Robertson, Louis Secco, Francis Sullivan, Robert Watt.
sweden-11 Goaltenders: Thord Flodqvist. Defence: Göte Almqvist, Åke Andersson, Lars Björn, Rune Johansson. Forwards: Hans Andersson-Tvilling, Stig Andersson-Tvilling, Göte Blomqvist, Erik Johansson, Gösta Johansson, Sven Johansson, Holger Nurmela, Lars Pettersson, Hans Öberg.



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