IHLC Results – Canada 4-0 United Team Of Germany – Jan. 26, 1956

canada1921to57-11 Canada 4-0 United Team Of Germany 
Olympic Elimination Round
Stadio Olimpico del Ghiaccio, Cortina d’Ampezzo italy-11
Thursday, January 26, 1956

1st Period
01:04 – canada1921to57-11 GOAL – Théberge (Laufman, Scholes)

10:36 – canada1921to57-11 GOAL – Théberge
16:50 – canada1921to57-11 PEN – Théberge

2nd Period
24:44 – canada1921to57-11 GOAL – Théberge (Scholes, Laufman)
25:10 – canada1921to57-11 PEN – Martin
25:43 – canada1921to57-11 SH GOAL – Logan
31:42 – canada1921to57-11 PEN – Hurst

3rd Period
48:32 – canada1921to57-11 PEN – Rope

W: canada1921to57-11 Brodeur (17-17)
L:  Jansen (17-21)

canada1921to57-11 Goaltenders: Denis Brodeur, Keith Woodall. Defence: Arthur Hurst, Howard Lee, Floyd Martin, Jack McKenzie. Forwards: Bill Colvin, Alfred Horne, Paul Knox, Ken Laufman, James Logan, S. Donald Rope, George Scholes, Gerry Théberge, Robert White.
Goaltenders: Alfred Hoffmann, Ulrich Jansen. Defence: Paul Ambros, Martin Beck, Karl Bierschel, Bruno Guttowski. Forwards: Markus Egen, Artur Endres, Hans Huber, Günther Jochems, Rainer Kossmann, Rudolf Pittrich, Hans Rampf, Ernst Trautwein, Martin Zach.



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