IHLC Results – Soviet Union 3-2 Canada – Feb. 8, 1964

ussr-11 Soviet Union 3-2 Canada canada1957to65-11
Olympic Final Round
Olympiahalle Innsbruck, Innsbruck austria-11
Saturday, February 8, 1964

1st Period
05:57 – canada1957to65-11 GOAL – Swarbrick (Johnston)
11:50 – canada1957to65-11 PEN – Dineen

2nd Period
30:49 – ussr-11 GOAL – Y. Maiorov (B. Maiorov)
33:39 – canada1957to65-11 GOAL – Forhan (Seiling)
34:30 – ussr-11 PEN – Zaitsev
36:38 – canada1957to65-11 PEN – Conacher
38:22 – ussr-11 PP GOAL – Starshinov (Y. Maiorov)

3rd Period
41:36 – ussr-11 GOAL – Alexandrov (Almetov)

43:10 – canada1957to65-11 PEN – O’Malley
56:40 – ussr-11 PEN – Davydov

W: ussr-11 Konovalenko
L: canada1957to65-11 Broderick, Martin

ussr-11 Goaltenders: Viktor Konovalenko, Boris Zaitsev. Defence: Vitali Davydov, Eduard Ivanov, Viktor Kuzkin, Alexander Ragulin. Forwards: Veniamin Alexandrov, Alexander Almetov, Anatoli Firsov, Konstantin Loktev, Boris Maiorov, Yevgeni Maiorov, Stanislav Petukhov, Vyacheslav Starshinov, Leonid Volkov, Viktor Yakushev.
canada1957to65-11 Goaltenders: Ken Broderick, Seth Martin. Defence: Hank Akervall, Barry McKenzie, Terry O’Malley, Rod Seiling. Forwards: Gary Begg, Roger Bourbonnais, Ray Cadieux, Terry Clancy, Brian Conacher, Paul Conlin, Gary Dineen, Bob Forhan, Marshall Johnston, George Swarbrick.

ussr-11 SOVIET UNION (C) vs. CANADA canada1957to65-11
current champion
(since 03/14/1963)
Last Title
64 All-Time Wins
6 wins Head-To-Head
4 wins
First IHLC Meeting (URS vs. CAN)
ussr-11 URS 7-2 CAN canada1921to57-11 – 03/07/1954 – WC – Stockholm sweden-11
Previous IHLC Meeting (URS vs. CAN)
ussr-11 URS 2-1 CAN canada1957to65-11 – 01/17/1964 – EX – Moscow ussr-11
Last IHLC Game
ussr-11 URS 4-2 SWE sweden-11 – 02/07/1964 – OG – Innsbruck austria-11
Next IHLC Game
ussr-11 URS 2-0 TCH czech-11 – 11/27/1964 – EX – Moscow ussr-11


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