IHLC Results – Canada 3-2 United States (SO) – Dec. 5, 1999

canada1965-11 Canada 3-2 United States usa-11 (SO)
Three Nations Cup Gold Medal Game
Aréna Maurice-Richard, Montréal canada1965-11
Sunday, December 5, 1999

1st Period
01:31 – usa-11 PEN – Hanson
01:37 – canada1965-11 PP GOAL – Brisson (Drolet, Shewchuk)
09:00 – canada1965-11 PEN – Pounder
10:57 – usa-11 PP GOAL – Bye (Mleczko, King)
15:01 – usa-11 PEN – King

2nd Period
24:43 – usa-11 PEN – O’Sullivan
28:13 – usa-11 GOAL – Granato (King)
32:06 – canada1965-11 PEN – Bechard
34:49 – usa-11 PEN – Magee

3rd Period
51:18 – canada1965-11 GOAL – Shewchuk (Ouellette, Goyette)


canada1965-11 JamesHefford
usa-11 none

W: canada1965-11 St-Pierre (33-35)
L: usa-11 Tueting (36-39)

canada1965-11 12+11+2+3+1 = 39
usa-11 16+9+7+3+0 = 35

canada1965-11 Goaltenders: Lorenda Beuker, Marie-France Morin, Kim St-Pierre. Defence: Thérèse Brisson, Isabelle Chartrand, Judy Diduck, Becky Kellar, Cheryl Pounder, Nathalie Rivard, Fiona Smith. Forwards: Dana Antal, Kelly Bechard, Jennifer Botterill, Cassie Campbell, Nancy Drolet, Danielle Goyette, Jayna Hefford, Angela James, Caroline Ouellette, Laura Schuler, Tammy Lee Shewchuk, Sommer West, Hayley Wickenheiser.
usa-11 Goaltenders: Sarah Tueting, Erin Whitten. Defence: Chris Bailey, Amy Coelho, Catherine Hanson, Nicki Luongo, Sue Merz. Forwards: Alana Blahoski, Karyn Bye, Tricia Dunn, Brandy Fisher, Cammi Granato, Melissa Heitzman, Katie King, Shelley Looney, Erin Magee, Allison Mleczko, Stephanie O’Sullivan, Meaghan Sittler.

canada1965-11 CANADA (C) vs. UNITED STATES usa-11
current champion
(since 12/10/1998)
Last Title 12/10/1998
80 All-Time Wins
25 wins Head-To-Head
12 wins
First IHLC Meeting (CAN vs. USA)
canada1965-11 CAN 2-1 USA usa-11 – 04/21/1987 – WWT – North York canada1965-11
Previous IHLC Meeting (CAN vs. USA)
canada1965-11 CAN 5-4 USA usa-11 (OT) – 12/02/1999 – TNC – Montréal canada1965-11
Last IHLC Game
canada1965-11 CAN 4-1 FIN finland-11 – 12/04/1999 – TNC – Montréal canada1965-11
Next IHLC Game
usa-11 USA 4-1 CAN canada1965-11 – 02/02/2000 – EX – Buffalo usa-11


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