IHLC Results – Canada 4-0 Sweden – Jan. 22, 2001

canada1965-11 Canada 4-0 Sweden sweden-11
Exhibition Game
Hanna Arena, Hanna canada1965-11
Monday, January 22, 2001

1st Period
02:14 – canada1965-11 PEN – Kingsbury, high sticking
02:34 – sweden-11 PEN – Rudberg, holding
13:46 – canada1965-11 GOAL – Campbell (Brisson)
15:05 – canada1965-11 PEN – Heaney, body checking

2nd Period
23:13 – canada1965-11 GOAL – Wickenheiser (Chartrand)
24:16 – canada1965-11 GOAL – Ouellette (Sunohara, Brisson)
25:07 – sweden-11 PEN – Edorsson, body checking
28:58 – canada1965-11 GOAL – Ferrari (Dupuis)

3rd Period
45:11 – canada1965-11 PEN – West, holding
54:53 – canada1965-11 PEN – Ferrari, roughing
54:53 – sweden-11 PEN – Burholm, elbowing
58:56 – sweden-11 PEN – G. Andersson, charging

W: canada1965-11 Small (24-24)
L: sweden-11 Göthesson (49-53)

canada1965-11 13+22+18 = 53
sweden-11 7+8+9 = 24

canada1965-11 Goaltenders: Danielle Dubé, Charline Labonté, Sami Jo Small. Defence: Correne Bredin, Thérèse Brisson, Isabelle Chartrand, Delaney Collins, Gillian Ferrari, Geraldine Heaney, Fiona Smith, Colleen Sostorics. Forwards: Dana Antal, Kelly Bechard, Amanda Benoit, Cassie Campbell, Nancy Drolet, Lori Dupuis, Jayna Hefford, Gina Kingsbury, Caroline Ouellette, Cherie Piper, Laura Schuler, Tammy Lee Shewchuk, Vicky Sunohara, Sommer West, Hayley Wickenheiser.
sweden-11 Goaltenders: Lotta Göthesson, Kim Martin. Defence: Anna Andersson, Gunilla Andersson, Emilie Berggren, Pernilla Burholm, Lisa Ek, Ylva Lindberg, Jenny Lindqvist, Therese Sjölander. Forwards: Kristina Bergstrand, Therese Edorsson, Erika Holst, Nanna Jansson, Maria Larsson, Ulrica Lindström, Emelie Lundmark, Josefin Pettersson, Anna Richaud, Maria Rooth, Josefin Rudberg, Evelina Samuelsson.


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