IHLC Team Profiles – 🇰🇷 South Korea (Women’s)

🇰🇷 SOUTH KOREA (KOR) Women’s National Ice Hockey Team (1999-)
played at Olympics as UNIFIED KOREA (COR), 2018

Korea emerged as an IHLC by way of the 2018 Olympics in PyeongChang, where Korea hosted a historic unified squad with players from the North joining the South Koreans. While they did not get to contend for the IHLC, and finished last in the tournament, they will look climb their way into the women’s hockey medal picture in the future…for good.

Total IHLC Games Played: 0

IHLC Games Hosted: 6
First Game Hosted: 🇨🇦 CAN 10-0 SUI 🇨🇭, 04 Feb 2018 (Goyang)
Latest Game Hosted:
🇺🇸 USA 3-2 CAN 🇨🇦 (SO), 22 Feb 2018 (Gangneung)
Major Tournaments Hosted: Olympic Games (1: 2018)

Best IIHF Women’s World Championship Result: n/a
Best Olympic Games Result: 8th (1: 2018)
Best Three / Four Nations Cup Result: n/a

Photo Credit: GagDaily – IIHF – HHOF – IOC


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