2018 World Championship Schedule Released

The IIHF has released the full schedule for the 2018 World Championship in Copenhagen and Herning, Denmark, with defending champions Sweden opening the tournament against Belarus, while hosts Denmark open the tournament against Germany on opening day.

Guessing who will hold the IHLC leading into this tournament will be harder than most years to tell, as not only will the IHLC start the 2017-18 season with Sweden on the Euro Hockey Tour, but February’s Pyeongchang Olympics opens up even more possibilities than usual, making guessing the incumbent champion heading into Denmark nearly impossible.

The tournament schedule is as follows:

GROUP A (Copenhagen)
austria-11 belarus-11 czech-11 france-11 russia-11 switzerland-11 slovakia-11 sweden-11
GROUP B (Herning)
canada1965-11 denmark-11 finland-11 germany1920to33and49-11 southkorea-11 latvia-11 norway-11 usa-11
Friday, May 4
france-11 France vs. Russia russia-11
belarus-11 Belarus vs. Sweden sweden-11
canada1965-11 Canada vs. United States usa-11
denmark-11 Denmark vs. Germany germany1920to33and49-11
Saturday, May 5
austria-11 Austria vs. Switzerland switzerland-11
belarus-11 Belarus vs. France france-11
czech-11 Czechia vs. Slovakia slovakia-11
latvia-11 Latvia vs. Norway norway-11
finland-11 Finland vs. Korea southkorea-11
denmark-11 Denmark vs. United States usa-11
Sunday, May 6
austria-11 Austria vs. Russia russia-11
czech-11 Czechia vs. Sweden sweden-11
switzerland-11 Switzerland vs. Slovakia slovakia-11
canada1965-11 Canada vs. Korea southkorea-11
germany1920to33and49-11 Germany vs. Norway norway-11
finland-11 Finland vs. Latvia latvia-11
Monday, May 7
belarus-11 Belarus vs. Russia russia-11
france-11 France vs. Sweden sweden-11
germany1920to33and49-11 Germany vs. United States usa-11
canada1965-11 Canada vs. Denmark denmark-11
Tuesday, May 8
austria-11 Austria vs. Slovakia slovakia-11
czech-11 Czechia vs. Switzerland switzerland-11
southkorea-11 Korea vs. Latvia latvia-11
finland-11 Finland vs. Norway norway-11
Wednesday, May 9
belarus-11 Belarus vs. Switzerland switzerland-11
austria-11 Austria vs. Sweden sweden-11
germany1920to33and49-11 Germany vs. Korea southkorea-11
denmark-11 Denmark vs. Finland finland-11
Thursday, May 10
france-11 France vs. Slovakia slovakia-11
czech-11 Czechia vs. Russia russia-11
latvia-11 Latvia vs. United States usa-11
canada1965-11 Canada vs. Norway norway-11
Friday, May 11
austria-11 Austria vs. France france-11
belarus-11 Belarus vs. Czechia czech-11
denmark-11 Denmark vs. Norway norway-11
southkorea-11 Korea vs. United States usa-11
Saturday, May 12
slovakia-11 Slovakia vs. Sweden sweden-11
austria-11 Austria vs. Belarus belarus-11
russia-11 Russia vs. Switzerland switzerland-11
germany1920to33and49-11 Germany vs. Latvia latvia-11
denmark-11 Denmark vs. Korea southkorea-11
canada1965-11 Canada vs. Finland finland-11
Sunday, May 13
czech-11 Czechia vs. France france-11
switzerland-11 Switzerland vs. Sweden sweden-11
norway-11 Norway vs. United States usa-11
finland-11 Finland vs. Germany germany1920to33and49-11
Monday, May 14
russia-11 Russia vs. Slovakia slovakia-11
austria-11 Austria vs. Czechia czech-11
southkorea-11 Korea vs. Norway norway-11
canada1965-11 Canada vs. Latvia latvia-11
Tuesday, May 15
france-11 France vs. Switzerland switzerland-11
belarus-11 Belarus vs. Slovakia slovakia-11
russia-11 Russia vs. Sweden sweden-11
finland-11 Finland vs. United States usa-11
canada1965-11 Canada vs. Germany germany1920to33and49-11
denmark-11 Denmark vs. Latvia latvia-11
Thursday, May 17
Quarterfinal #1 (A1 vs. B4)
Quarterfinal #3 (A2 vs. B3)
Quarterfinal #2 (B1 vs. A4)
Quarterfinal #4 (B2 vs. A3)
Saturday, May 19
Semifinal #1
Semifinal #2
Sunday, May 20
Bronze Medal Game
Gold Medal Game

Will Sweden be able to repeat as champions with their native contingent in full support just across the border? Will Canada exact revenge for their failed attempt to three-peat as World Champions? Or can Denmark surprise in front of a raucous home crowd and improve on their less than stellar finish in 2017? Only time will tell leading up to the Worlds next spring!

Photo Credit: IIHF Worlds 2017 IIHFHHOFIOC



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