Introducing…The Tsujimoto Cup!

After a delay that has gone on far too long, the International Hockey Lineal Championship is proud to announce a new title to its roster – ladies and gentlemen, The Tsujimoto Cup!

The concept of The Tsujimoto Cup is simple – while the IHLC is always in contention, whether in a lowly exhibition game or in an Olympic Gold Medal final, The Tsujimoto Cup is meant to be an additional bonus trophy for the national team who successfully holds the most IHLC victories in a single international season. The Cup is named for Japanese hockey hero Taro Tsujimoto, whose full biography is featured on the new Tsujimoto Cup page here on

Like the IHLC itself, The Tsujimoto Cup has three iterations – a men’s, women’s and junior title. As of this writing, the men’s champion is Czechia (their eighth title, and first since 1999-00), the women’s champion is Canada (their nineteenth title, and first since 2013-14), and the junior champion is the United States (their third title, and first since 2014-15). Different from the IHLC is that being a season’s World Champion does not necessarily guarantee holding The Tsujimoto Cup, as none of the 2017-18 winners (Sweden, United States and Canada) have this year’s Cup.

We hope you enjoy this new bonus for the International Hockey Lineal Championship, yet another distinguished (albeit unknown) title for international teams to strive for!

Photo Credit: Sports On Earth – IIHFHHOFIOC


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