IHLC Results – Canada 3-2 Switzerland (SO) – Nov. 9, 2004

canada1965-11 Canada 3-2 Switzerland switzerland-11 (SO)
Swiss Challenge
Bodensee Arena, Kreuzlingen switzerland-11
Tuesday, November 9, 2004

1st Period
02:47 – canada1965-11 PEN – Peacock, charging
03:06 – canada1965-11 PEN – Zamuner, charging
09:47 – canada1965-11 GOAL – Delmore (King)
16:30 – switzerland-11 PEN – Reichert, interference
16:42 – canada1965-11 PP GOAL – Pollock (Pittis)

2nd Period
22:13 – canada1965-11 PEN – Sarault, holding
39:48 – canada1965-11 PEN – Zamuner, hooking

3rd Period
49:09 – switzerland-11 GOAL – Wichser
51:53 – switzerland-11 GOAL – Wirz (Conne, Plüss)


canada1965-11 Roest – McTavish
switzerland-11 none

W: canada1965-11 Hirsch (47-49)
L: switzerland-11 Gerber (30-33)

canada1965-11 Goaltenders: Corey Hirsch, Jean-Francois Labbe. Defence: Andy Delmore, Micki DuPont, Jamie Heward, Dan Laperriere, Shane Peacock, Jame Pollock, Derrick Walser. Forwards: Jesse Belanger, Hnat Domenichelli, Ryan Gardner, Scott King, Eric Landry, Eric Lecompte, Dale McTavish, Domenic Pittis, Randy Robitaille, Stacey Roest, Yves Sarault, Jeff Shantz, Rob Zamuner.
switzerland-11 Goaltenders: David Aebischer, Martin Gerber. Defence: Beat Forster, Cyrill Geyer, Steve Hirschi, David Jobin, Olivier Keller, Martin Steinegger, Mark Streit, Julien Vauclair. Forwards: Andres Ambühl, Andreas Camenzind, Flavien Conne, Patric Della Rossa, Patrick Fischer, Sandy Jeannin, Marcel Jenni, Thierry Paterlini, Martin Plüss, Marc Reichert, Ivo Rüthemann, Adrian Wichser, Valentin Wirz, Thomas Ziegler.

canada1965-11 CANADA (C) vs. SWITZERLAND switzerland-11
current champion
since 08/25/2004)
Last Title
260 All-Time Wins
30 wins Head-To-Head
(+ 2 ties)
3 wins
First IHLC Meeting (CAN vs. SUI)
canada1921to57-11 CAN 33-0 SUI switzerland-11 – 01/30/1924 – OG – Chamonix france-11
Previous IHLC Meeting (CAN vs. SUI)
canada1965-11 CAN 3-1 SUI switzerland-11 – 04/28/2004 – WC – Prague czech-11
Last IHLC Game
canada1965-11 CAN 3-2 FIN finland-11 – 09/14/2004 – WCH – Toronto canada1965-11 goldmedal
Next IHLC Game
canada1965-11 CAN 5-2 USA usa-11 – 11/11/2004 – DC – Hanover germany1920to33and49-11


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