IHLC Results – Denmark 4-1 Italy – May 13, 2014

denmark-11 Denmark 4-1 Italy italy-11
World Championship Preliminary Round
Chyzhouka-Arena, Minsk belarus-11
Tuesday, May 13, 2014

After frustrating losses to Sweden and Norway to open the Danish team’s 2014 World Championship, the Lions got back on track with an impressive 4-1 win over Italy, to capture their first tournament points, as well as the International Hockey Lineal Championship.

While the first period was more even-matched, with a pair of goals from Jesper Jensen and Diego Kostner to keep the score at 1-1, the Danes really opened up the game in the second, where a flurry of penalties did not manage to stop their high-powered offense. Jannik Hansen scored on a 2-on-1 shorthanded breakaway, and Emil Kristensen added another tally 26 seconds later to put Denmark up 3-1 at the end of the second period. While Italy’s defensive output did improve in third, the Danes did a great job at shutting down the Azzuri offense, holding Italy to only 5 shots in the third, and 13 shots total on the day. A Kim Staal empty net goal sealed the deal for Denmark, bringing the IHLC back to the Lions.

With the win, Denmark wins only its second International Hockey Lineal Championship in history, and its first since their 2010 Polessye Cup win over Norway. They defeat Italy, who won their first ever IHLC two days prior from France, who themselves won the IHLC from Canada to open the Worlds on May 9. This was the first ever meeting between Denmark and Italy with the IHLC on the line. Canada entered the tournament as IHLC champions, and are Denmark’s first opponent since winning the IHLC today.

1st Period
02:51 – denmark-11 GOAL – Jesper Jensen (Bjorkstrand, Storm)

06:40 – italy-11 PEN – Scandella, tripping
12:15 – italy-11 GOAL – Kostner (Scandella)
15:50 – denmark-11 PEN – N. Jensen, interference

2nd Period
25:52 – denmark-11 PEN – Staal, hooking
32:42 – italy-11 PEN – Trivellato, delay of game
33:55 – denmark-11 PEN – Jakobsen, interference
35:50 – denmark-11 SH GOAL – Hansen
36:19 – denmark-11 GOAL – Kristensen (Jakobsen, Bødker)
38:26 – denmark-11 PEN – N. Jensen, high sticking

3rd Period
50:49 – italy-11 PEN – Johnson, hooking
57:34 – denmark-11 EN GOAL – Staal (Bødker, Larsen)
59:50 – italy-11 PEN – Borrelli, tripping

W: denmark-11 Nielsen (12-13)
L: italy-11 Bellissimo (27-30)

denmark-11 12+13+6 = 31
italy-11 4+4+5 = 13

denmark-11 Goaltenders: Patrick Galbraith, Simon Nielsen. Defence: Phillip Bruggisser, Jesper B. Jensen (A), Emil Kristensen, Philip Larsen, Stefan Lassen, Oliver Lauridsen. Forwards: Patrick Bjorkstrand, Mikkel Bødker, Mads Christensen, Morten Green (C), Jannik Hansen, Julian Jakobsen, Jesper Jensen, Nicklas Jensen, Morten Madsen (A), Morten Poulsen, Kim Staal, Frederik Storm.
italy-11 Goaltenders: Daniel Bellissimo, Andreas Bernard. Defence: Christian Borgatello (A), Alexander Egger (C), Armin Hofer, Trevor Johnson, Thomas Larkin, Davide Nicoletti, Daniel Sullivan, Alex Trivellato. Forwards: David Borrelli, Nathan DiCasmirro (A), Luca Felicetti, Nicola Fontanive, Markus Gander, Brian Ihnacak, Marco Insam, Diego Kostner, Joachim Ramoser, Vincent Rocco, Giulio Scandella, Daniel Tudin.

Photo Credit: IIHF Worlds 2014 – IIHFHHOFIOC



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