2015 World Championship Schedule Released

The IIHF has released a new microsite for the 2015 World Championship in Prague and Ostrava, Czechia, iihfworlds2015.com, and with it released the full schedule for the World Championship in May. Russia opens its World Championship Gold defence against Norway in Ostrava on opening night, with the hopes this game will also be for the International Hockey Lineal Championship as well.

With the IHLC now on the Euro Hockey Tour, pending a change during a Euro Hockey Challenge or Exhibition game, the title will either enter the Worlds in the possession of Russia, Finland (who faces the United States on May 1 in Ostrava), or either Sweden or the Czechs, who face each other in Prague on opening night.

GROUP A (Prague)
austria-11 canada1965-11 czech-11 france-11 germany1920to33and49-11 latvia-11 sweden-11 switzerland-11
GROUP B (Ostrava)
belarus-11 denmark-11 finland-11 norway-11 russia-11 slovakia-11 slovenia-11 usa-11
Friday, May 1
canada1965-11 Canada vs. Latvia latvia-11
czech-11 Czechia vs. Sweden sweden-11
usa-11 United States vs. Finland finland-11
russia-11 Russia vs. Norway norway-11
Saturday, May 2
switzerland-11 Switzerland vs. Austria austria-11
france-11 France vs. Germany germany1920to33and49-11
latvia-11 Latvia vs. Czechia czech-11
slovakia-11 Slovakia vs. Denmark denmark-11
belarus-11 Belarus vs. Slovenia slovenia-11
norway-11 Norway vs. United States usa-11
Sunday, May 3
austria-11 Austria vs. Sweden sweden-11
canada1965-11 Canada vs. Germany germany1920to33and49-11
france-11 France vs. Switzerland switzerland-11
russia-11 Russia vs. Slovenia slovenia-11
belarus-11 Belarus vs. Slovakia slovakia-11
denmark-11 Denmark vs. Finland finland-11
Monday, May 4
latvia-11 Latvia vs. Sweden sweden-11
canada1965-11 Canada vs. Czechia czech-11
russia-11 Russia vs. United States usa-11
norway-11 Norway vs. Finland finland-11
Tuesday, May 5
switzerland-11 Switzerland vs. Germany germany1920to33and49-11
austria-11 Austria vs. France france-11
denmark-11 Denmark vs. Belarus belarus-11
slovakia-11 Slovakia vs. Slovenia slovenia-11
Wednesday, May 6
switzerland-11 Switzerland vs. Latvia latvia-11
sweden-11 Sweden vs. Canada canada1965-11
russia-11 Russia vs. Denmark denmark-11
slovakia-11 Slovakia vs. Norway norway-11
Thursday, May 7
czech-11 Czechia vs. France france-11
sweden-11 Sweden vs. Germany germany1920to33and49-11
usa-11 United States vs. Belarus belarus-11
finland-11 Finland vs. Slovenia slovenia-11
Friday, May 8
czech-11 Czechia vs. Austria austria-11
germany1920to33and49-11 Germany vs. Latvia latvia-11
slovenia-11 Slovenia vs. Norway norway-11
usa-11 United States vs. Denmark denmark-11
Saturday, May 9
france-11 France vs. Canada canada1965-11
austria-11 Austria vs. Latvia latvia-11
sweden-11 Sweden vs. Switzerland switzerland-11
belarus-11 Belarus vs. Russia russia-11
finland-11 Finland vs. Slovakia slovakia-11
denmark-11 Denmark vs. Norway norway-11
Sunday, May 10
germany1920to33and49-11 Germany vs. Czechia czech-11
switzerland-11 Switzerland vs. Canada canada1965-11
slovenia-11 Slovenia vs. United States usa-11
slovakia-11 Slovakia vs. Russia russia-11
Monday, May 11
germany1920to33and49-11 Germany vs. Austria austria-11
sweden-11 Sweden vs. France france-11
finland-11 Finland vs. Belarus belarus-11
slovenia-11 Slovenia vs. Denmark denmark-11
Tuesday, May 12
canada1965-11 Canada vs. Austria austria-11
latvia-11 Latvia vs. France france-11
czech-11 Czechia vs. Switzerland switzerland-11
norway-11 Norway vs. Belarus belarus-11
usa-11 United States vs. Slovakia slovakia-11
finland-11 Finland vs. Russia russia-11
Thursday, May 14
Quarterfinal: A1 vs. B4
Quarterfinal: B1 vs. A4
Quarterfinal: A2 vs. B3
Quarterfinal: B2 vs. A3
Saturday, May 16
Semifinal #1 Semifinal #2 (Prague)
Sunday, May 17
Gold Medal Game Bronze Medal Game (Prague)

Will the IHLC start the World Championship in Prague or Ostrava? Who will enter with the title, who will leave with the title, and will the IHLC make it to the medal rounds and unify with Gold, or see its first Preliminary Round exit since 2010? Only nine months until we find out for sure!

Photo Credit: Classic Auctions



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