IHLC Results – Czechia 4-0 Norway – Apr. 3, 2015

czech-11 Czechia 4-0 Norway norway-11
Euro Hockey Challenge
Kristins Hall, Lillehammer norway-11
Friday, April 3, 2015

A month before hosting the world’s top players in Prague and Ostrava, Czechia’s national team continued their reign with the International Hockey Lineal Championship, shutting out Norway 4-0 in the first of a back-to-back series in Lillehammer.

While the Isbjørnene surprised likely even the home crowd by keeping things even through most of the first, the powerful Czech offense caught up to them, with a Dominik Simon feed to Vladimír Svačina giving the Czechs the 1-0 lead with just under four minutes remaining. A bench penalty to Norway, already their second of the game, led to the second Czech goal as the man advantage expired, with a Jan Kolář point shot beating Norge goalie Lars Haugen for the 2-0 lead just one second after Michael Haga was freed from the penalty box.

Penalties would continue to plague Norway even into the third, as their offense never was able to click or put quality shots on Czech keeper Jakub Kovář. A Vojtěch Mozík shot squeaked past Haugen on the Czech’s sixth power play of the game for the 3-0 lead, and a Martin Zaťovič wraparound just five minutes later would seal the victory for the Czechs, who outshot Norway 38-13, allowing just three shots in the first and third periods.

With the victory, Czechia retains their 69th International Hockey Lineal Championship, which they captured from Russia in February on the Euro Hockey Tour. This marks just the second ever meeting between the Czechs and Norway over the IHLC, and their first meeting in nearly 20 years, last tying 2-2 at the 1996 World Championships in Vienna. These two meet again tomorrow in Lillehammer over the title.

1st Period
08:44 – norway-11 PEN – Espeland, kneeing
09:32 – norway-11 PEN – team, too many players
16:07 – czech-11 GOAL – Svačina (Simon)
18:41 – czech-11 PEN – Lev, hooking

2nd Period
30:41 – norway-11 PEN – team, too many players
32:42 – czech-11 GOAL – Kolář
34:27 – czech-11 PEN – Mozík, high sticking
37:59 – norway-11 PEN – Bastiansen, hooking
38:07 – norway-11 PEN – Ødegaard, high sticking

3rd Period
45:30 – czech-11 PEN – Filippi, slashing
51:25 – norway-11 PEN – Espeland, slashing
52:01 – czech-11 PP GOAL – Mozík (Jeřábek, Koukal)
57:08 – czech-11 GOAL – Zaťovič (Jan Kovář)
59:00 – czech-11 PEN – Filippi, slashing

W: czech-11 Jak. Kovář (13-13)
L: norway-11 Haugen (34-38)

czech-11 15+15+8 = 38
norway-11 3+7+3 = 13

czech-11 Goaltenders: Jakub Kovář, Matěj Machovský. Defence: Bohumil Jank, Jakub Jeřábek, Jan Kolář, Jakub Krejčík, Vojtěch Mozík, Jakub Nakládal, Filip Novák, Martin Pláněk. Forwards: Tomáš Filippi, Petr Koukal, Jan Kovář, Jakub Lev, Petr Pohl, Lukáš Radil, Ondřej Roman, Martin Růžička, Dominik Simon, Vladimír Svačina, Jakub Valský, Martin Zaťovič.
norway-11 Goaltenders: Lars Haugen, Henrik Haukeland. Defence: Nicolai Bryhnisveen, Christian Bull, Stefan Espeland, Jonas Holøs, Mattias Nørstebø, Mats Trygg, Henrik Ødegaard. Forwards: Morten Ask, Anders Bastiansen, Eirik Børresen, Robin Dahlstrom, Mats Frøshaug, Michael Haga, Andreas Heier, Magnus Lindahl, Niklas Roest, Martin Røymark, Andreas Stene, Steffen Thoresen, Thomas Valkvæ Olsen.

Photo Credit: CSLH – IIHF – HHOF – IOC



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