🇨🇭 Plüss Latest To Retire From Eisgenossen

Less than two weeks after Julien Vauclair retired from the Swiss national team prior to the World Championships, the Swiss’ second-highest scorer of all time, Martin Plüss, has left the national team at age 37.

Plüss will continue to play for Bern of the Swiss league, where he is assistant captain and has played since 2009. Plüss has only suited up for two other clubs in his 20 year career, Kloten of the Swiss League and Frölunda of the Swedish League, never making the jump across the pond to play in North America.

Internationally is where Plüss made his biggest mark, finishing his Eisgenossen career with 134 points in 239 games, second only to Jörg Eberle all-time. Plüss suited up for 12 World Championships and four Olympic Games, medaling only once in 2013 when Switzerland stunned the world with a second-place Silver medal finish, Switzerland’s first medal since 1935.

Plüss won his first IHLC back in 1999 when the Eisgenossen carried the title into the Lillehammer World Championships, winning another seven titles between then and the 2013 finals, where Switzerland won 12 straight in the run to their Silver. We wish Martin continued success as he finishes his professional career!




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