2019 World Championship Schedule Released

The IIHF has released the full schedule for the 2019 World Championship in Bratislava and Košice, Slovakia, with defending champions Sweden opening the tournament against the Czechs, while hosts Slovakia open the tournament against the United States.

With the IHLC currently on the Euro Hockey Tour, it will at the very least be carried up to the Euro Hockey Challenge, where the title could theoretically go to any contending nation heading into Slovakia, including even Canada or the U.S. in pre-tournament exhibition games. Last year’s tournament saw France carry the title straight from the Euro Hockey Challenge into the Worlds, dropping the title in their opener to Russia.

The tournament schedule is as follows:

GROUP A (Košice)
canada1965-11 denmark-11 finland-11 france-11 germany1920to33and49-11 britain-11 slovakia-11 usa-11
GROUP B (Bratislava)
austria-11 czech-11 italy-11 latvia-11 norway-11 russia-11 switzerland-11 sweden-11
Friday, May 10
canada1965-11 Canada vs. Finland finland-11
slovakia-11 Slovakia vs. United States usa-11
norway-11 Norway vs. Russia russia-11
czech-11 Czechia vs. Sweden sweden-11
Saturday, May 11
denmark-11 Denmark vs. France france-11
germany1920to33and49-11 Germany vs. Great Britain britain-11
finland-11 Finland vs. Slovakia slovakia-11
italy-11 Italy vs. Switzerland switzerland-11
austria-11 Austria vs. Latvia latvia-11
czech-11 Czechia vs. Norway norway-11
Sunday, May 12
france-11 France vs. United States usa-11
denmark-11 Denmark vs. Germany germany1920to33and49-11
canada1965-11 Canada vs. Great Britain britain-11
austria-11 Austria vs. Russia russia-11
italy-11 Italy vs. Sweden sweden-11
latvia-11 Latvia vs. Switzerland switzerland-11
Monday, May 13
finland-11 Finland vs. United States usa-11
canada1965-11 Canada vs. Slovakia slovakia-11
czech-11 Czechia vs. Russia russia-11
norway-11 Norway vs. Sweden sweden-11
Tuesday, May 14
denmark-11 Denmark vs. Great Britain britain-11
france-11 France vs. Germany germany1920to33and49-11
italy-11 Italy vs. Latvia latvia-11
austria-11 Austria vs. Switzerland switzerland-11
Wednesday, May 15
britain-11 Great Britain vs. United States usa-11
germany1920to33and49-11 Germany vs. Slovakia slovakia-11
norway-11 Norway vs. Switzerland switzerland-11
italy-11 Italy vs. Russia russia-11
Thursday, May 16
canada1965-11 Canada vs. France france-11
denmark-11 Denmark vs. Finland finland-11
austria-11 Austria vs. Sweden sweden-11
czech-11 Czechia vs. Latvia latvia-11
Friday, May 17
france-11 France vs. Slovakia slovakia-11
finland-11 Finland vs. Great Britain britain-11
austria-11 Austria vs. Norway norway-11
czech-11 Czechia vs. Italy italy-11
Saturday, May 18
denmark-11 Denmark vs. United States usa-11
canada1965-11 Canada vs. Germany germany1920to33and49-11
britain-11 Great Britain vs. Slovakia slovakia-11
latvia-11 Latvia vs. Russia russia-11
italy-11 Italy vs. Norway norway-11
switzerland-11 Switzerland vs. Sweden sweden-11
Sunday, May 19
germany1920to33and49-11 Germany vs. United States usa-11
finland-11 Finland vs. France france-11
austria-11 Austria vs. Czechia czech-11
russia-11 Russia vs. Switzerland switzerland-11
Monday, May 20
france-11 France vs. Great Britain britain-11
canada1965-11 Canada vs. Denmark denmark-11
latvia-11 Latvia vs. Sweden sweden-11
austria-11 Austria vs. Italy italy-11
Tuesday, May 21
finland-11 Finland vs. Germany germany1920to33and49-11
denmark-11 Denmark vs. Slovakia slovakia-11
canada1965-11 Canada vs. United States usa-11
czech-11 Czechia vs. Switzerland switzerland-11
latvia-11 Latvia vs. Norway norway-11
russia-11 Russia vs. Sweden sweden-11
Thursday, May 23
Quarterfinal #1 (A1 vs. B4)
Quarterfinal #3 (A2 vs. B3)
Quarterfinal #2 (B1 vs. A4)
Quarterfinal #4 (B2 vs. A3)
Saturday, May 25
Semifinal #1
Semifinal #2
Sunday, May 26
Bronze Medal Game
Gold Medal Game

Sweden will look to become the first “three-peat” champion since the Czechs (1999-2001), while Russia (27 Golds) and Canada (26) will look to fight for position atop the all-time standings. Slovakia will look to return to the medal rounds on home ice for the first time since 2012, while the Czechs will look to make a splash and spoil the party to return to the podium for the first time since 2010. The countdown to Slovakia is on!

Photo Credit: IIHF Worlds 2018 IIHFHHOFIOC



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