🇷🇺 In Memoriam – Lokomotiv Yaroslavl 2011-12

Today marks the anniversary of the tragic air disaster of Yak Service Flight 9633 on 07 September 2011, that crashed near Yaroslavl, Russia, and killed the entire roster and staff of Lokomotiv Yaroslavl of the KHL, and all but one of the flight crew members, when a pilot error caused the aircraft to fail its takeoff, running off the runway and crashing into a tower mast.

IIHF president René Fasel declared the crash as “the darkest day in the history of our sport,” as fans from across the world, and in particular Russia and the eight other nations represented by team players and staff, mourned for the shocking and tragic loss. On this sad anniversary, TheIHLC.com commemorates this deep loss, and remember those who perished in the accident.
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Major Announcements Made At 2019 IIHF Congress

The IIHF Annual Congress today was held on the off day at the 2019 World Championships in Bratislava, Slovakia, with a number of major announcements voted on to impact the future of international hockey in the coming years.
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🇺🇦 Ukranian Players Caught Up In Division IA Bribery Scandal

A bribery scandal has struck the hockey world, with news coming from Finnish newspaper Ilta-Sanomat that two Ukranian players were caught accepting bribes to throw the 2017 World Championship Division IA, which clinched Korea their first promotion in history to the 2018 World Championships, putting the legitimacy of their win, along with Korea’s future, in potential doubt.
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🇯🇵 🇵🇱 🇮🇹 Japan, Poland & Italy Advance To Olympic Final Qualification

The second leg of Olympic Qualification is in the books, with Japan, Poland and Italy emerging victorious in the Pre-Qualification Round to advance to the Final Qualification round in September, with the winners moving on to Korea in 2018.
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A Note On Cyrillic Spelling

When this site launched, as more and more boxscores (which now number over 700 on this site, and is continually growing) were added, a noticeable trend was noticed among scores featuring teams from the Soviet Union, and the states formed in the former’s dispersal after 1991, such as Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Belarus. As the sources would vary for where the boxscore information was coming from, so to were different variations and spellings of names from one game to the next: Aleksander to Alexander, Myshkin or Mishkin, Valeri, Valery or Valeriy, and so on.
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IHLC Team Profiles – 🇺🇦 Ukraine (Men’s)

🇺🇦 UKRAINE (UKR) Men’s National Ice Hockey Team

Following the split of the Soviet Union, the Ukranian squad emerged in 1992, and first competed for the IHLC in 2001. After nearly winning the title following a 1-1 tie with the United States at the 2005 World Championship, the Ukraine has dropped off from the IHLC map for now, after being relegated to Division I in 2008, where they have yet to climb back into the Championship pool.
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IHLC Team Profiles – 🇺🇦 Ukraine (Junior)

🇺🇦 UKRAINE (UKR) Men’s Junior National Ice Hockey Team

Since the breakup of the Soviet Union, the Ukrainian junior squad saw some initial success in Division I, qualifying for the Top Division in 1995 and 1996, returning in 2000 and 2004. However, since 2005 Ukraine has been stuck in Division I, even dropping to Division II in 2012, looking to claw their way back to the Top Division.
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IHLC Results – 🇺🇸 United States 1-1 Ukraine 🇺🇦 – 09 May 2005

🇺🇸 United States 1-1 Ukraine 🇺🇦
World Championship Qualifying Round
Olympiahalle, Innsbruck 🇦🇹
Monday, 09 May 2005

After 40 minutes of play, Team USA was in a hole. Down 1-0 to Ukraine and unable to find the right combination to make things happen, they needed to shake off their lethargy in order to win.
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IHLC Results – 🇫🇮 Finland 14-1 Ukraine 🇺🇦 – 30 Dec 2003

🇫🇮 Finland 14-1 Ukraine 🇺🇦
World Junior Championship Preliminary Round
Helsingin jäähalli, Helsinki 🇫🇮
Tuesday, 30 December 2003

1st Period
05:50 – 🇫🇮 GOAL – Tukonen (Oksa)
09:02 – 🇫🇮 PEN – Oksa, interference
11:13 – 🇫🇮 GOAL – Kontiola (Tukonen)
12:34 – 🇫🇮 GOAL – Lepistö (Filppula, Bergenheim)
18:16 – 🇫🇮 GOAL – Lepistö (Immonen, Marjamäki)
19:05 – 🇺🇦 PEN – Shamanskyy, holding
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