🇨🇦 Bobby Hull: 1939-2023

Bobby Hull, the Canadian two-time league MVP and Hockey Hall of Famer whose accomplishments on the ice were almost as prominent as his checkered life off the ice, today was announced to have died at the age of 84.
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🇨🇿 Ladislav Lubina: 1967-2021

Ladislav Lubina, the Czech winger who captured a number of medals for the Narodnitym throughout the 1980’s and 1990’s, today sadly passed away from brain cancer at the age of 54.
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🇨🇦 Canada’s Boycott: 1970-77

With the now-cancelled 2020 World Championships set to have begun today in Switzerland, TheIHLC.com will instead highlight the last time there was a major lack of competition in the century-plus lineage of the IHLC – Canada’s international hockey boycott from 1970-77, and how the IHLC could have looked if just one fateful game in 1970 went another way.

On 04 January 1970, the creator of modern ice hockey and the most dominant team in the game up to that point, Canada, shocked the hockey world when it announced that effective immediately, it was withdrawing from all international competition, including the World Championships, Olympic Games and other exhibition games or tournaments.
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Hockey Hall Of Fame Announces Class Of 2019

The Hockey Hall Of Fame today announced the newest members that will join as the Class of 2019 on 15 November, with the most decorated women’s player in history, the first Iron Curtain star to defect to the west, and a pair of multiple Stanley Cup champions, who between them hold a number of International Hockey Lineal Championships, all to join the ranks of the Hall in Toronto.
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🇨🇿 Luděk Bukač: 1935-2019

Just days after the death of Ján Starší, who built the Czechoslovak national team into a dominant force in the 1970’s, the man who helped carry the Czechoslovakian team through the 1980’s and Czech team in the 1990’s has also passed away, as Luděk Bukač today died at the age of 83.
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🇨🇿 Martin Ručinský Retires After 27 Pro Seasons

After nearly thirty years in professional hockey, journeying through clubs across North America and Europe, Czech mainstay winger Martin Ručinský has announced his retirement at the age of 44, ending his career with three World Championships and one Olympic title.
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🇨🇿 Růžička Resigns From Czech National Team Amidst Scandal

Embroiled in a scandal over allegedly bribing parents of players to join his pro squad that he both co-owns and coaches, Vladimír Růžička, the star Czech forward turned coach, has stepped down both from his club, HC Slavia Praha, as well as from the Czech national side.
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🇨🇿 Jágr Retires From Czech National Team…Again

After a disappointing fourth place finish in front of their home crowd, Czech hockey legend Jaromír Jágr, named tournament MVP of the 2015 World Championships, has said for the second straight season that he is done with the Czech national team.
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IIHF Hall Of Fame Announces 2015 Inductees

The IIHF has announced the Hall Of Fame Class of 2015, to be inducted this May at the IIHF World Championships in Czechia. All four players set to be inducted into the players category bring a swath of major international accomplishments, for the Czechs (Dominik Hašek and Robert Reichel), Canada (Scott Niedermayer) and Sweden (Maria Rooth), including all having held the International Hockey Lineal Championship at one point or another.
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🇸🇰 Miroslav Hlinka: 1972-2014

As reported by SME, former Slovakian national team forward Miroslav Hlinka, a member of the stalwart team that shocked the world with a Gold Medal performance at the 2002 World Championships, has died of suicide at the age of 42.
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IHLC Team Profiles – 🇨🇿 Czechia (Men’s)

🇨🇿 CZECHIA (CZE) Men’s National Ice Hockey Team (1993-)
played as BOHEMIA (BOH), 1905-20; CZECHOSLOVAKIA (TCH), 1920-92
212 wins, 79 reigns, 228 games with IHLC – ranked 4th
IHLC last held 07 May 2023

The Czechs has competed for the IHLC since nearly the beginning, first challenging for the IHLC as Bohemia in 1909, and then as Czechoslovakia for the majority of the 20th century, where they established their dominance as a major player. The Czechs were seemingly the only other European power to be able to compete with the mighty Soviet Union, shocking the Soviets (and the world) with a number of World Championship wins. And following the split of Czechoslovakia in 1992, the Czech team shocked the world again by winning the first Olympics with NHL players eligible to play in 1998.
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IHLC Team Profiles – 🇨🇿 Czechia (Junior)

🇨🇿 CZECHIA (CZE) Men’s Junior National Ice Hockey Team (1993-)
played as CZECHOSLOVAKIA (TCH), 1973-92
40 wins, 21 reigns, 42 games with IHLC – ranked 6th
IHLC last held 29 December 2022

Since the split of Czechoslovakia during the 1993 World Junior Championship, the Czechs have remained in the Top Division, winning back-to-back Gold in 2001 and 2004, along with a Bronze in 2005. While they would not medal again for nearly two decades, they continue to remain a consistent threat in the tournament, looking to recreate the turn of the millennium magic in the future.
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IHLC Results – 🇺🇸 United States 4-2 Czechia 🇨🇿 – 27 Apr 1995

🇺🇸 United States 4-2 Czechia 🇨🇿
World Championship Group Round
Stockholm Globe Arena, Stockholm 🇸🇪
Thursday, 27 April 1995

1st Period
06:55 – 🇺🇸 PEN – Harkins, high sticking
15:09 – 🇺🇸 PEN – Morris, hooking
18:43 – 🇺🇸 PEN – Stanton, holding
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